La vida color granada
Indie.Rock.Grunge Just live and let live motherfuckers,fuck everyone.
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Imagine writing a song with Slash.

I love this man…he never fails to make me smile!

(Fuente: normal-p-eople-scare-me, vía gunsnfuckinroses)

I want to be someones drunken phone call,because then even though their mind is clouded with the haze of alcohol they could remember that you are what they want

Majo Ortiz 🌸

Every night,when she goes to sleep,her pillow it’s like the only thing that knows what happen with she,from her eyes,fall tears of true feelings until she can sleep. In her dreams,she saw where her demons hide,it’s black inside,it’s cold,when she wakes up,she tries to fake a fucking smile because the people are the worse monster in the world
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